One Four Four – The First Three Months

Brushstroke, Exhibition, Gesture, Vinyl, Wall

This year I was asked to take part in a project with eleven other artists.  Here’s the skinny:

‘Twelve Australian female artists have been invited to participate in onefourfour which sees them create one work a month for one year.  Every artist is assigned a month to choose a theme that all the artists work to, and the results are posted on this blog at the end of each month.  The only restriction is that the work is to be 6 x 6″.’

Participating artists are:

Debbie HILL
Clare Martin LAPWORTH
Sayraphim LOTHIAN
Larissa MacFARLANE



In celebration of the first three months, we are having a exhibition this Saturday at Narelle Byrne Gallery in Williamstown as part of the Art in Public Places program and YOU are invited.  Come along and check the work of some great artists.

I have grown so accustomed to working in a large scale.  The bigger the better, I have relished it.  But this project has asked me to work so much smaller, six inches by six inches is not very big.  It has also asked me to work not on the wall or floor or ceiling, but on paper or canvas etc!  Can you believe it?!  Outrageous!  (All of the italics!).  Still, my first work is vinyl directly onto the wall – baby steps.  Here’s a sneak peak at the first three works.


Angle of LightAngle of Light (c) 2014 Naomi Nicholls
Vinyl on wall.


Feb - SurfaceGreen Surface (c) 2014 Naomi Nicholls
Watercolour and graphite on paper

Collage GlossCollage Gloss (c) 2014 Naomi Nicholls
Synthetic Polymer Paint, Vinyl, Paper.


Looking forward to this opening.  Hope to see you there!


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