Homemade Festival 2013

Architectural Space, Brushstroke, Floor, Gesture, Wall, Work in progress

The Homemade Festival wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.  Dancers/performance artists, visual artists and a photographer came together over the space of about almost a year to develop works for this show.  I found the experience fantastic, especially being exposed to how artists in different disciplines (particularly dance and movement) spoke about their work.  I was surprised by how similar their creative process was, in many ways, and found even the vocabulary they spoke with was similar too.



Our developed works culminated in the festival at 12 Peel Street, Collingwood, where we staged a visual art exhibition during the day and a performance each evening.  The building is disused by the council, and has in fallen into disrepair in recent years, so it was fantastic to work in what was a semi-finished space.  The room my work was in had bare beams and crumbling plaster/brick.  It was a terrific space to work in, although it did present some challenges.  Dust is not a friend to sticky vinyl, but it stuck beautifully after some good cleaning.


Here are some shots of my work, Gesture from Point A in Point B.







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