Span Shapes Becoming Something – Work in Progress




Today’s studio time was quick but fruitful.  I had done all the thinking already, so when I arrived, I was woman on a mission.  I stuck my span shapes up, overlapping and crossing a corner (of course) and set to work cutting out some purple brushstroke silhouettes, without a brushstroke for a guide.  With all the time I’ve been spending ‘studying’ brushstrokes, this was a surprisingly easy feat.  I then painted off the vinyl and directly onto the wall.  I’m trying to be a bit looser in the way I’m using vinyl.





In person, I wasn’t sure about the gold – that’s gold over the purple vinyl – but I think it’s growing on me.  My current colour philosophy is not following any rules very much.  Choosing colours independent of each other and using them together; pushing them onto one another, forcing them to play nicely.  Sometimes it doesn’t work, but most of the time it does and end up using two colours that would have been edited out in the making process if I’d applied any colour ‘rules’.


I think I will present a version of this for critique next week, and once I can find a space to install it in, I will hopefully make it bigger.    BIGGER!  Bigger.


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