Span Shapes – Work in Progress

Brushstroke, Work in progress

Today I am in the studio.  I have been writing my research paper, or worry about my research paper a lot lately, and it has kept me from making.  Today I am making.  Having had some feedback recently where a few things were brought to my attention, which I was not seeing, I am trying to begin to change.

I am toying with the idea of not cutting out the brushstrokes exactly as I have been.  Maybe giving them more room.  Maybe even changing up the order of doing things.

Here are a few pieces I have worked on so far today.   I have been wanting to make these span shapes, where I make them from a kneeling position, and get to the full reach of my arm.  The first, the one at the top, I made, having not yet decided how I would cut it out.  I am considering cutting out only half of it.

The second one, I decided to cut out the shape of the vinyl before painting.  I notice how I am so effected by the square boundaries of the vinyl that I paint on, so starting off with an irregular shape changed the way I thought as I made the gesture.



This last one was just an alteration to an earlier brushstroke which I had kicking around in my studio.  I brushed off the edge of a cutout brushstroke.  I’m not sold on it.  This technique may form part of a work in the future, but I don’t think it’s enough of a step away.  I am more pleased with the green, yellow and white gesture on light blue.  And will perhaps apply it to a wall and then paint over the top of it.

More to come on these.  More hours in the day would be helpful!


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