Pink Aurora – ‘Luminescence’ at the Hotel Windsor

Architectural Space, Art prize attempts, Brushstroke, Exhibition, Gesture, Installation, Site Specific

At the end of July, I was fortunate enough to be included in Luminescence, a group exhibition at the Hotel Windsor, with a $10,000 prize for the winner, to celebrate the 130th year of the hotel.

Here are a few photographs of my play with a few ideas beforehand.  I was painting into photographs and imagining the lobby of the hotel with my broad strokes swathing across its ornate vaulted ceilings and walls.






I had wonderful plans for the lobby, and my proposal was accepted.  However, I was sited in the most contemporary part of the hotel, Wallis and Ed.  Oh well, you work with what you’ve got.

A few weeks later, I was a few metres in the air atop a single person lift, adhering my fluorescent pink brushstroke to the ceiling.  I had wanted to fluorescent pink colour to really sing, so I chose white vinyl as the base.


I’m really pleased with the work, location and accessibility notwithstanding.  One very long brushstroke stretches up the wall just inside Wallis and Ed, flowing upward, across the ceiling way overhead and down the opposite side’s wall – mimicking the arch of the window and entrance.  The brushstroke breaks up just as it reaches ground level where it finishes.  The footprint of white is strewn with the residue of the brush, each bristle’s detail intricately clear.








Wonderful to be involved in another exhibition.  Having the opportunity to work directly into dynamic sites this year has been really important to the development of my work.  I hope to be able to continue that theme.


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