Christening My Newish Studio – Experiment

Architectural Space, Brushstroke, Experimentation, Floor, Gesture, Site Specific, Space, Wall, Work in progress

I want to share with you some play from my first few weeks in this, my new studio (now more newish than new).  It’s a good space, reasonable light, quite a decent size, compared to what I’ve had before and after a short period of being stuck on paper, I let fly at the wall.








I started by painting a large series of gestures on the wall.  A happy accident: I ran out of the aqua paint I had been using, so I went off to have more mixed for me.  The colour did not match perfectly, and as I have done with the same problem in a previous work, I made it a feature; a slightly paler section of gesture.  I connected it to a red square that covers the corner and stretches out onto the floor.  I used clear vinyl on the floor, which I then painted on and trimmed.  I wanted to move the corner, so in the red square I placed some strips of thing white vinyl, drawing a new place for the corner of the space using the three diverging lines.

In such a small space (in the scheme of things), the illusion of the moved corner doesn’t work quite as  well as it might.  In a larger space, you could stand in the optimum angle and the optimum distance, instead of running into a studio partition.

This really felt like a stand alone couple of shapes, not a work.  Just an exercise.  In the days and now weeks following and despite projents started and completed elsewhere, it’s still there on my studio wall – now under layers of other experiments.  More to come on that.  I will introduce me to my new material muse in the next post.  Ooo!


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