Painting Experiment 3 (Yellow, Blue, Red)

Brushstroke, Experimentation, Video
(c) 2012 Naomi Nicholls, Painting Experiment 3 (Yellow, Blue, Red)
Video still

This still is from my latest painting experiment, this time with red, yellow and blue.  Are you seeing a theme with primary colours recently?

This is the most successful yet.  I was able to get the lighting right, a good camera and edit properly.  I’m learning a lot about the video process.  However, as you learn more about making video, you find there is so much more to know.  I enjoy making videos, but for the moment, that’s not where I want my focus to go.  So, they might just appear in my work now and then.

This work will form part of my assessment this semester and may turn up in some exhibitions in the future.


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