Exhibition Opening: Dimensions of Space

Exhibition, First Site, Installation, String, Wall

A lot of string.  Hundreds and hundreds of metres of the stuff.  Each of the three shows at the gallery have string in common and there was a bit of ducking and weaving to be done by the art-goers at the opening last night.  But I think a good time was had by all.  Myself included.

It was good fun to shamelessly talk about my work to people.   In attempting to describe my practice, it helped me articulate it to myself as well, and talking about it inadvertently extends my ideas.  There always is so much to make, but an exhibition gives an even greater boost forward.  Very worthwhile, I say. 
Thanks to all those who made it to the opening.  If you couldn’t get there, don’t worry, it’s open until 5th April (It’s not open good Friday).
28 March – 5 April 2012
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11am-5pm

Saturday – Monday CLOSED, Good Friday CLOSED

Location: First Site Gallery, Storey Hall Basement, 344 Swanston Street, Melbourne


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