Wall Installation, Blue & Yellow – Work in progess

Floor, Installation, Wall, Work in progress
(c) 2012 Naomi Nicholls, Installation view, work in progress
Acrylic paint, vinyl.

Back in the studio (Yay! Walls!) and I am working on an installation.  A little paint here, a little vinyl there.  I am trying to go bigger than I have before, with some success.  This work is probably approx 2.5m x 3m x 2m (l x W x H).  However, I have been limited by the size of the vinyl I’ve been able to source so far.  I have hopefully found a place where I can get some larger widths, which will enable me to be a bit more daring with size.  I would just paint, but I like using both paint and vinyl together.  I think they have good conversations with each other. 

(c) 2012 Naomi Nicholls, Installation view, work in progress
Acrylic paint, vinyl.

One of the vinyls I’m using is shimmery-reflective gold.  Not normally the sort of thing I’d go for, but I was feeling adventuress.  It paid off: one, I think it’s a really good colour to work with, and two – by using it in the corner, it has reflected itself and created a new form that isn’t actually in the work.  You can see the dark area in the middle-right of the picture.  That’s actually all gold vinyl and just a reflection of itself.  I did use reflective items last year, but I think it’s something I need to explore again.

(c) 2012 Naomi Nicholls, Installation view, work in progress
Acrylic paint, vinyl, mess.

Above, another angle of the work, and a peek at the mess I make while working.

Still To Do
This work is only really half done. Tomorrow I’ll work on adding lines/detail up to the right of the work.  I may also incorporate some more reflective elements, and I want to add some parts that jut out from the work.  I have often used wool in the past to add a tactility and to bring the work out of the corner and into the room’s space.  This time I want to see how using wood instead might change the work.

Above: I have grown a bit of a fascination with the lines I see everywhere.  I think I have mentioned before my delight in the cable channels cut into the road.  Here’s some good ones I snapped on the way home tonight, also starring my feet.  Great fodder for my paintings (the lines, not my feet!).


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