Inspiration at the traffic lights

2D3D2d, Folding, Installation, String, WIP

Stay with me…

This is a road I cross every day as I walk to the train.  Since starting out doing these works about the fold, about shapes etc, I have been noticing shapes everywhere.  Like on my walk to the train, for instance.  Check out the amazing shapes cut into the road (presumably for the cables that lead to the traffic light sensors).  I actually think these shapes are amazing – that’s not strange at all, right?

Anyway, I snapped a picture the other morning, knowing I could use those shapes on my wall installation. 

Here’s the work in progress…

For some reason, I had some trouble choosing colours, and had a couple of tries on both shapes.  But I got there in the end.

Those lovely shapes from the traffic lights are actually mostly covered up by the electrical tape shapes – so I think they might re-occur in future works :)


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