Non-symmetrical, incomplete polygon

2D3D2d, Folding, Fragment, String, WIP

This work is composed of yellow wool, black electrical tape and mirror cardboard (and of course, pins/nails).  These materials are great fun to work with.  Except for the fact that my hammering skills are less than satisfactory when hammering any lower than neck height.  Yet I digress…

These shapes come from the drawings which are loosely based on packaging-folding templates.  Of course, folded up, this would make a very non-symmetrical, incomplete polygon.  (That’s a great name for a work, ‘Non-symmetrical, incomplete polygon’).  Yet I digress…  I wanted to draw on the wall and then stretch the shapes across the corner to see what happend.  Worked out wonderfully.  But needed more.

I loved the dramatic black lines and the yellow wool together in the previous work, so I started working with the tape.  Do a little.  Stand back and look a little.  And so forth.  Then added some mirror cardboard.  I love that stuff.  I want to use it more!

I’m going to ‘sit on’ this work for a few days, have a good look.  I have a feeling I will add to it.  And must remember to check out some Judy Pfaff and Sarah Sze work for inspiration.


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