Drawing with electrical tape

Folding, WIP

I got a bit excited when I was buying electrical tape to outline the collaborative work the other day and bought way too much.  It’s actually good when this happens, as you end up using a material you might not have otherwise used, or you may use it more freely than if you’d thoughtfully bought it for a purpose.  Today I started ‘drawing’ with electrical tape.  It’s lovely stuff to work with and really striking.

I was making the angles and shapes from the photographs of photographs to see what would happen.

This is what happened.

It goes around a concave corner, which I hope adds to the suggestion of folding.

I have more electrical tape (yay), and the good people at Big W have plenty more, so I want to take this further.  More shapes!  Perhaps bigger?  Or these folding structures tumbling across the wall and around the corner.  Perhaps onto the wall far above.  (Mental note, get ladder).


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