On the floor

Floor, Folding

Last week I started working on a folded piece which is displayed on the floor – a la Polly Apfelbaum‘s work.  I like how she uses the floor and you move around it differently to something on the wall.

Aaaanyway, something I’m finding with these folded things, when you fold paper… it gets smaller.  Amazing.
The largest paper of a quality that I can paint layers and layers of paint and medium on, is actually not that large at all.  Which makes a floor piece of any size a bit of a challenge.  Still with a piece of watercolour paper approx 1m x 1m, I tried it out.

Sadly, although it started out at a reasonable size, it shrank.
My next thought was to give unstretched canvas a try and iron it.  So I sat in my studio last week ironing.  Quick a sight, no doubt.

Here’s a quick mock-up I did, about 30cm x 30cm.  I had no idea what it would do the paint, or if the creases it made would be very useful.  It does seem to rub some paint off, but for the most part this effect is kind of pleasant.  So I will try it on a larger scale and see what comes of it.


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